In 2020, Kedron-Wavell celebrated
50 years in Community


In the year 1966, Kedron Sub-branch of the RSL took the courageous and visionary step of applying to the Brisbane City Council for a lease of land at Chermside on which to build a Community Hall and an Ex-servicemen’s Club.

Approval for this was granted on 14 June 1968. On 10 July 1968 Kedron Sub-branch with 300 members and Wavell Sub-branch with 100 members amalgamated to use their combined resources to create an Ex-Servicemen’s Club and on 4 December 1968 the inaugural meeting of the Kedron-Wavell Services Club was held.

On 21 February 1969 the Kedron War Memorial Hall which had been deeded to Kedron Sub-branch in 1947 was sold to a then unknown fast food chain which was expanding its operations into Queensland. In February 1970 the building of a public Community Hall and adjoining Club premises was commenced and opened on 18 December 1970 when the Club was licensed for business.

We respect various traditions and anniversaries as they occur. For example, as a mark of respect to comrades in arms the Club lights are turned out at 7.00pm every night and the RSL Ode is recited to all in attendance. During the Ode all in the Club are expected to stand in silence and face the Club’s symbol of the eternal flame. No other activity continues in the Club during the reciting of the Ode.

Over the past 50 years the Club has flourished with the dedication and foresight of the Club’s Service members. Kedron-Wavell now boasts over 60,000 Service, Association and Community members, and continues to remain true to the values of its founding forefathers.

Our Values


Valuing each other to achieve common goals together


Honouring commitments and truthfulness


Challenging possibilities and exploring new opportunities

Commitment to Excellence

Making a difference in all that we do


Creating an environment that maximises our effectiveness


Our Board

CIGP Website_Phil Lilliebridge

Philip Lilliebridge


CIGP Website_Rod Single

Rod Single

Vice Chairman

Glenn Russell _EDIT_BW

Glenn Russell

Finance Director

CIGP Website_Cluny Seager

Cluny Seager



Andrew Kelly



Rod Martin


CIGP Website_Greg Russell

Greg Russell


CIGP Website_Rod Sellin

Rod Sellin



Most popular questions

The most important thing to remember is to complete the application either on the downloadable form, or through our online application portal (online applications are preferred). Please ensure to include a 300 word document with your organisation’s official letterhead as a part of the submission. Aim to be as specific as you can with regards to what your project is, and how it is going to benefit the community should you be successful. The more specific and more information you can provide, the better! Make sure to include both an email and a mobile phone for someone in the organisation so we can reach you if you are successful!

You’re welcome to apply for however much your organisation’s project requires. We will be giving grants up to $10,000. Of course, the grant amount your applying for needs to be justified in your application. 

Once our grant application submission period closes on the 19th August 2022, they are then given to our Board of Directors for their assessment, review and approval. Please note that this can take anywhere up to 6 weeks. We will always contact you regardless of whether you’ve been successful or not, so make sure to include both an email address and mobile phone contact in your application.

We try to give as much as we can, to as many people as we can. Every application is read, assessed and reviewed by the Board and an unanimous decision is made. However, due to the large volume applicants increasing each year, we simply cannot give one to everyone. If you have applied for a Community Grant in the past and haven’t been successful, please don’t let this deter you. Apply again this year! 

If you’re a grant recipient, you’ll be required to attend the Community Grants Ceremony held at the club. You will receive this invitation in the email you will get notifying you of your successful application. After this, you’ll be required to submit an acquittal outlining the purchases for your specific project. All information about acquittal and media kits will be supplied to you on the day of the ceremony. 

Unfortunately, no. We’re unable to provide feedback on your application. The Board’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

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