General Criteria

  • All applications must be completed on the supplied application form. 
  • All applications must be accompanied by a submission of no more than 300 words. Applications with no supporting 300 word submission will not be considered. 
  • Request for funding must be for a specific purpose and clearly detail the activity that requires funding. Applicants can not vary the purpose of the funding. 
  • Where applicable, applicants will be required to present annual accounts. 
  • Funds will not be granted to organisations raising funds on behalf of others. 
  • All successful applicants will be required to attend an awards presentation function at the Club. 
  • Successful recipients must ensure that they provide a financial acquittal of grant funds prior to 31st December 2023 (acquittal form to be provided on receipt of grant). 
  • Successful applicants from 2021 are not eligible to apply

Eligible Applicants:

Community-based not-for-profit organisations

  • Small community-based organisation
  • Community support groups  
  • Community-based sporting organisations
  • Charitable organisations 
Specific funding criteria 
  • Does it address the needs of the community? 
  • Can it be delivered effectively by applicant? 
  • Does the project represent value for money? 

Ineligible Applicants:

  • Businesses or registered organisations for profit making purposes
  • Individuals
  • Successful applicants from 2021 are not eligible to apply